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As A Digital Marketing Company & SEO Agency,
We Offer The Following Digital Marketing Services.


1. 360° Digital Marketing

360° Digital Marketing Involves End To End Services For Your Business. This Includes - SEO, SERP, Social Media & Online Reputation Management etc. We Advice Getting All The Work Done From A Single Digital Marketing Agency. By This, Client Has Better Understanding Of The Updates. And, The Digital Marketing Company Can Provide Extra-Ordinary Services.


2. 180° Digital Marketing

180° Digital Marketing Involves All The Aspects Related To The Client’s Website (SEO, SERP, PPC etc etc). There Is No Involvement Of Social Aspect In The 180° Digital Marketing (No-SMM, Smm). This Is Mostly For Clients Who Provide Essential Services For Customers Only Once.


3. SEO Services

At Aggna, The Teams Utmost Focus Is On SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The Team Comprises Of SEO Experts In The Industry. SEO Drives The Entire Industry.​


4. SERP Services

There Are About 1.8 Billion Websites Around The World. At, Aggna, The Team Helps Your Website Stand apart And Visible To Your Audience/Clients. We Are Proud To Announce That We Are The Mavericks Of The SERP Services. ​


5. Social Media Marketing

In The 21st Century, A Business That’s Not On Social Media Is About To Die. It’s Just A Matter Of Time. At Aggna, The Team Provides Quality & Engaging Content To The Client’s Customers On Regular Basis. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Is All About, Selling The Product or Service Using The Customer’s Psyche.


6. Social Media Management

Social Media Management (Smm) Is Particularly Important For Individual Clients Who Are: Celebrities. Professionals. Consultants. Coaches.​


7. Website Marketing

Website Marketing Involves Putting Your Website To The Right Audience With Engaging Content. As A Digital Marketing Agency, The Focus Is To Provide The Client’s Website/Product/Service To The Quality Audience.​


8. App Marketing

App Marketing Involves Google Play Store & Apple Play Store Optimization. This Optimization Increases The Number Of Installs & There By Revenue For The Clients.

So! Here Is How We Help
Your Business Grow.

Aggna® Promises To Grow Your Business
10% Every Month Using Digital Marketing Tools.

As A Digital Marketing Company,
Aggna Exceeds Client's Expectations.

The Digital Marketing Workflow Involves The Following Steps


1. Design

The Team Plans & Designs Digital Marketing Plan Depending On The Client's Needs. As Every Industry Vertical Is Different, We Specialize In Curating To Every Business.


2. Development

After Marking The Design Elements, The Team Develops All The Necessary Code, SEO, SMM, Content Analysis, Page Optimization, PPC Analysis, Campaigns etc etc For The Best Results.


3. Marketing

After All The Development, The Team At Aggna, Executes The Marketing Plan. The Growth Is Expected Soon By The Marketing Team At Aggna..


4. Social media

Along, With Marketing, All The Social Media Platforms Are Used At The Full Potential For The Better ROI (Return Of Investment).

5. Leads & Sales

In Combination Of Marketing & Use Of Social Media, The Client Shall Expect The Leads In A Week. At Aggna, The Marketing Team Ensures That The Client Gets As Many Good Quality Leads As Possible Depending On The Industry Vertical.


6. Help & Support

Last But Not Least, Help & Support Forms The Main Pillar Of Any Service Industry. At Aggna, The Support Team Is Available, 6-Days A Week To Help The Clients.

Our Portfolio



Aggna® Provides Best Digital Marketing Services For Health Care Industry. Healthcare Marketing Is The Most Important Aspects Of All The Digital Marketing In India. Aggna Provides Digital Marketing For Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Physiotherapists, Home Nursing & Day Care Companies.



In The Education Field, We provide Digital Marketing For Schools, Play Schools & Tutors. With our Digital Marketing tools, Educational Institutions can increase the enrollments of students. Also, we provide regular Online Reputation Management to always keep in touch with the students & parents.



Entertainment Is Run By Digital Marketing. Aggna Creates Viral Content For Music Artists, Photographers, Dance Institutes, Model Agencies & Acting Institutes.


Home Improvement

Home Renovation is a very fast-growing sector. In-fact, Home Renovation is growing at 20% each year. With the right Digital Marketing Services, the companies & Individuals can boost their business to the next level.

Who We've Worked With
Customers Reviews
I'm from Mumbai basically. I didn't know anyone from Hyderabad, except few friends. Got in touch with Aggna team. They helped me get good clients. Thank you.​
Prabhakar K​umar
Nice work. Better than expected. After my Fashion Designing Course of 4 years. And, experience of 3 years in fashion industry, I was looking for more clients. Aggna has helped me in getting good clients.
Fashion Designer
Got good children from Aggna agency for dance training classes. Awesome collaboration. Nice customer support.
DSR Dance Academy
Few Facts Before Partnering With Aggna®

1. The Team At Aggna, Steadily Reduces The Cost Per Month & Increases ROI.
2. Paid Advertisement Experts At Aggna, Will Shall Target Niche Audience Of Facebook, Instagram Twitter. By This, Your Every Penny Is Spent In A Smarter Way. 
3. Aggna Provides Digital Marketing Results Consistently To The Clients. By This, Clients Can Grow Their Business Quickly.
4. Aggna Has A Team Of Experts In Running PPC Campaigns For Your Business & Boost Sales.
5. Online Reputation Management Is A Big Part Of Every Company. At Aggna, We Monitor Every Aspect OF Online Reputation Management & Safeguard Your Company From The Competitors.

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