180° Digital Marketing Services (DMS) is basically for client’s who deal with customers for only once. It is mostly for essential commodities or essential services. For Instance-
Example 1: In The Travel Industry: An Essential Service Like Passport. The Digital Marketing Service Is Provided Only Once. Apart from that, there is no scope for any up-sell or cross-sell.
Example 2: In Language Training: An Essential Service For Students Or Working Professionals. The Same Way, Here Too, The Digital Marketing Service Is Provided Only Once. Apart From That, There Is No Scope For Any Up-Sell Or Cross-Sell.

Let’s Dive In Detail: The What, Why & How of The 180° Digital Marketing Services…

1. What Is 180° Digital Marketing Services?
180° Digital Marketing Services Is Providing Digital Marketing Services For Individuals, Consultants & Professionals Who Do Not Require Complete Social Media Marketing. This Is Mostly Useful For People Who Don’t Run A Company & Operate Individually Or As A One Person Company.

2. Why Is 180° Digital Marketing Services Important?
As More & More People Are Searching Online For Services, The Total Shift Has Become Online. If You Are Not Online, You Are Out Of Business Very Soon. Very Soon Means – 2 To 4 Years, Unless You Have Solid Client Retention. So, It Is Of Utmost Importance To Be Online & Be Relevant In The Ever-Changing Industry. 

3. How To Avail The Digital Marketing Services?
You Can Get In Touch With Us. The Team At Aggna Shall Schedule A Meeting. And, The Discussion To Take Your Services Ahead Can Be Discussed.


Businesses That Come
Under This Category

For 180° Digital Marketing Services The Following Businesses Come Under This Category:
1. Passport Consultants
2. Visa Consultants
3. Tax Consultants
4. Fashion Designers
5. Florists
6. Event Planners
7. Catering Services
8. Farm House Services
9. Party Decorators
10. Pest Control Services
11. Outdoor Advertisers
12. Carpenters
13. Plumbers
14. Electricians
15. Beauticians
16. Drivers
17. Maid Services
18. Roof Top Farming Services
19. Painters
20. Vastu Consultants

Regarding Results & Outcome

Results & Outcome Are The Important Aspects Of The 180° Digital Marketing Services.
Let’s Discuss In Detail.
1. Increase In Visibility For The Above Professions.
2. The Increase In Visibility Increases Brand Awareness.
3. The Growth Of Visibility & Brand Awareness In-turn Increases Sales.
4. This Makes Building Reputation For The Above Professions.

Additional Information


1. Tenure

2. Market Reach Of Services

3. Expansion


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