Digital Marketing in Travel & Tourism

Digital Marketing For Travel & Ticketing Agents, Passport Agents, VISA Consultants & Tour Operators.

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Is An Important Industry In Indian Economy. In Other Words, According To Wikipedia, Tourism, Travel & Hospitality Contributes 9.2% Of India’s GDP. Digital Marketing In Travel & Tourism Plays A Crucial Role In Converting Customers. As A Digital Marketing Firm, Aggna Provides Services To Travel & Tour Operators In Hyderabad. Even, The Best Part Is The Travel & Tourism Industry Is Growing At 6% Every Year. 

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Is Largely Operated & Run By Word Of Mouth. New Customer Has Absolutely No Idea Of Which Travel Consultant Or Tour Operator To Get The Work Done. This IS Where Digital Marketing Comes Into The Picture. Most Of The Customers Search Online. At, Aggna, The Team Helps The Travel Agents & Tour Operators Get More Clients Consistently. 

Are You a Travel Agent or Tour Operator?

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At Aggna, The Team Follows A 10-Point Strategy To Grow Business For Travel Agents, Tour Operators & Hospitality Industry In Hyderabad.
1. Clean Website With Super Good SEO To Attract Customers.
2. Create Advertising Campaign For Customers In Hyderabad.
3. Complement Social Media To The Advertising Campaign To Reach Even More Customers In The Home Renovation & Home Improvement Sector
4. Re-target All The Customers Again, For Increase Conversion.
5. Implement Online Reputation Management (ORM) For All The Companies.
6. Increase ROI Every Month.

Digital Marketing In Travel & Tourism : 

1. Digital Marketing For Travel & Ticketing Agents
2. Digital Marketing For Passport Agents
3. Digital Marketing For VISA Consultants
4. Digital Marketing For Tour Operators

Digital Marketing For
Travel & Ticketing Agents

With The Internet Boom From 2010, Everyone Has Got Access To Travel Websites. But, Still There Is Huge Market For Travel & Ticketing Agents. Customers Trust The Travel Agents More Than The Websites. We At Aggna, Provide Digital Marketing For Travel & Ticketing Agents. We Do Understand There Is Decline In Sales For Travel & Ticketing Agents. By Using Digital Marketing Solutions We Can Boost Sales For Agents.

We Build The Following Strategy For The Agents:
1. Custom Ad Campaigns For Agents To promote Their Sales.
2. Hyper-Targeted Audience For The Assigned Demographic Area.
3. Re-Targeting The Potentially Interested Customers. 


Digital Marketing For
Passport Agents

The Market For Passport Agents Is Huge. According To Official Passport Website –  Each Week About 90,000 Passports Are Issued Across India. So, The Opportunity Is Huge. This Is Where We Come Into Picture. We Help & Customize Digital Marketing Solutions For Passport Agents.

Digital Marketing For
Visa Consultants

26.3 Million Indian Nationals Departed From India in 2018 As Per Indian Tourism Reports. The Best Part Is That – The Annual Growth Of 9.8%. There Is No Better Time For Visa Consultants To Have A Digital Marketing Vertical To Boost Sales. Aggna Provides incredible Digital Marketing Plans To Promote Sales Of Visa To Their Clients. From Acquiring New Clients To Re-Targeting The Customers, Aggna Provides Tailor Made Digital Marketing Solutions For The Visa Agents. The Best Part Is That – Aggna Provides Country Specific Digital Marketing Solutions For Visa Agents. By This, Visa Agents Can Serve Their Potential Customers Well. This Helps Agents Increase Sales & Grow Their Business. 

Digital Marketing For
Tour Operators

Digital Marketing For Tour Operators.


Last Updated 11th May, 2020.

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