Search Engine Results Page Services

SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGE (SERP) Services involves providing customer’s or client’s websites on the first page of search engines. The search engines include – Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Aol. All the SERP services involve inorganic traffic to the website.


The Why, When, Who & How of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Services…

1. Why Is SERP Important?
SERP Is The Deciding Factor Of Either Winning Or Loosing The Battle In The Digital Marketing. Either A Website Is One The First Page Of Online Business Or Not At All. According To Reports, Only 5% Of Online Searches Click 2nd Page. Hence, Being Shown On The First Page Of Search Engines Is Of Utmost Importance. 

2. When Should I Expect SERP Services?
It Greatly Depends On The Industry And The Level Of The Competition. Mostly Its Between 3-Months To 6-Months.

3. Who Decides To Be On Which Page Of The Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?
Every Search Engine Has It’s Own Algorithms Incorporated Into The Systems. And, When A User Searches For A Specific Topic Or Service OR Product?? The Search Engine Crawls The Web And Indexes The Websites And Lists The Best Performing In The Line-Wise Manner.

4. How Does My Website Get Listed On The SERP?
At Aggna, The Dedicated Team Will Help You In Achieving The First Page Of Search Engine Results Page. Firstly, The Team Analyses And Audits The Site. Secondly, All The Necessary Improvements Shall Be Discussed Along With The Time Frame.

Information To Our Clients
About SERP Services

1. As A Client How Shall I Avail The SERP Services…?
You Can Write To Us Or Make A Phone Call. According To Your & The Team’s Comfortable Time A Formal Meeting Shall Be Made. All The Discussions About The Current Status Of The Site & Necessary improvement Shall Be discussed. From There, All The Process Shall Taken Forward.

2. As A Client, Should I Be Available To Clear Queries And Update About The Particulars?There Is Absolutely No Need. At Aggna, The Team Does All The Research & Improves The SERP Ratings. Any, Difficulty In understanding The Client’s Business Model Or Clarity Regarding The Approach To The Markets, The Team Shall Have The Detailed Discussions.


Benefits of Our
SERP Services

The Following Are The Benefits Of SERP Servcies:
1. Increases Trust Among The Online Users.
2. More Traffic.
3. More Business.
4. Less Marketing Spend.

Advanced Read About
Our SERP Services

Advanced Read.

1. How To Occupy Half Of The First Page?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is A 3-Letter Word That Differentiates Between Success & Failure In The Online Business & Digital Marketing.

2. What Are The Approximate CTRs (Click Through Rate) Of Various Websites, On The First Page Of Search Engine?
CTRs Vary From Industry To Industry.  

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