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Would You Want To Promote Your
Website To Increase Sales?

Aggna Provides Website Marketing Services For


Companies can introduce various new products & services, there by they can reach sales targets quickly.

Small & Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs can scale their businesses both vertically & horizontally.

Start Ups

Start Ups can grow their businesses to greater extent.


Individuals can build their reputation & credibility by

Okay, Let’s Discuss Various Ways Aggna Provides Website Marketing Services To Help Businesses Grow. There Are Over 1.76 Billion Websites Around The World (Updated – 04 May, 2020). 


1. What Is Website Marketing?
Website Marketing Is The Process Of Promoting, Branding & Marketing The Website To Niche Audience Using Various Tools & Channels To Grow The Business.

2. Why Is It Important?
Following Second Decade Of The 21st  (From 2010), There Is Rapid Use Of Internet & Digital Devices. So, It’s Very Important For The Business To Be Online. If Any Business Is Not Online It’s Going To Run Out Of Business. To Stay Relevant, Any Business Needs To Be Online.

Step By Step Guide About How Aggna Drives
Sales Using Website Marketing Services

The Following Is The Step by Step Guide About Marketing Services To The Websites:

Planning Phase:
1. Creating Appealing Content
2. Designing Eye Catching Images
3. Rigorous On & Off Page SEO
4. Create A Blog For The Website

Execution Phase:
1. Google Ads & PPC Ads
2. Facebook & Instagram Ads
3. Creating Re-Targeting Of Ads
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Social Media Management
6. Twitter Advertising
7. YouTube Advertising
8. Affiliate Marketing
9. Amazon Marketing
10. Monitor Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Daily

Analysis Phase
1. Analyze The Reports
2. Customer Support From Sales Funnel

Feedback Phase
1. Discuss The Analysis With Clients About The Progress
2. Take Feedback & Perform Necessary The Improvements

Outcome & Benefits

Following Are The Outcomes & Benefits.
1. Better Understanding About The Customers
2. Quick Sales
3. Super Easy To Introduce New Products & Services
4. Very Economical
5. Less Time Consuming
6. Best Return On Investment By Marketing The Website
7. Least Over Head Cost

Long Term Goals

The Long Term Goals Include:
1. Grow More Customers 
2. Improve Credibility
3. Greater Brand Awareness
4. Provide Best Customer Feedback

Website Marketing vs
Traditional Marketing

Marketing The Website Is Lot Easier Than Traditional Marketing. Traditional Marketing Involves Extensive Research, Huge Planning & More Human Resources. Where As Marketing The Website Needs Very Less Planning & A Fraction Of Human Resource Is Needed.

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